Hot Tub Repair, Part Sales, Maintenance
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Hot Tubs Service and Repair is our specialty!


Spa Repair

Customers can expect prompt and dependable service with extensive knowledge of all brands of hot tubs/spas. From a simple repair to a full refurbish of your existing hot tub.


Water Maintenance

We provide water testing and treating and filter cleaning.  Proper chemical balance of your spa water is essential to bather comfort and health as well as the life of your hot tub equipment. 


Spa Transport

We offer experienced local transport services. From moving your spa across the yard to relocating to a different town. *7 ft tubs or smaller


Parts Sales

If you are a DIY person or out of our service area, we can help you find the parts that you need to repair your hot tub.  We stock the most common hot tub parts or can order for you.