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  • Yolanda Nock

Lifetime Warranties, are they really for a lifetime?

Most consumers understand a lifetime warranty as to mean the owner’s lifetime or at least the length of time they own the product. But truth be told a lifetime warranty is a slippery concept to mean “the reasonable life of the product”. Unfortunately, too many companies and manufacturers use such deceptive tactics to make the sale.

PDC Spas says, “Avoid the confusing terminology from other manufacturers of a “lifetime” warranty. Lifetime does not mean lifetime, but rather a length of time determined by the State. In PA, lifetime warranty is 7 years”.

Therefore, when in the market for your next hot tub/spa, be a smart shopper and ask for clarification on anything deemed to have a lifetime warranty; require the precise length of time the manufacturer will honor the product.

Additionally, be mindful of the country of origin any parts and components used in making the hot tub/spa derive from. As PDC Spas cautions, “Because we exist in a global market, be aware of products imported from China and the difficulty of exercising your warranty rights”.


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